The need to create and implement the project ePublisher was evoked by the nowadays situation in the field of poetry. In the modern society, it has lost its specific force and vigor that have contrived humanity throughout civilization. For a long time the publishers complaint that poetry doesn’t sell any more; editions and issues in the EU countries have been reduced. Paper-based poetry collections don’t appear on the bestselling books lists nor do the poets receive as much attention from the society as the prosiest. Inevitably, this has led to a loss of opportunities for the presentation of poetry works and moreover, the new generation of European poets is rarely heard.

On the other hand, the part of the general public who is interested in poetry finds it difficult to access contemporary poetry creations, because they are rarely published and circulate only among certain small groups of people and are not always reachable from the general public. Moreover, the accessibility of poetry works of foreign artists heavily depends on the reader’s language skills, because they are rarely translated to other languages. These scenarios are not so common in the field of high-level poetry, but they are particularly relevant in a context of the poetry of young, beginner and amateur contemporary poets.

Considering this present situation, the partnership agreed on the fact that new and innovative ways of creating and presenting poetry are needed. With an application of multimedia and on-line tools new opportunities to reform the ways of reaching new and enlarging audiences and also promoting poetry will be widely open. As well as introduction of innovative tools, traditional ways of poems’ presentations to the general public (public reading events, workshops, etc.) will be developed in order to foster the accessibility of the poetry works even more. The development of both the innovative and traditional ways will motivate professional and amateur poets collaborate. It is expected that this collaboration will encourage the development of emerging talents and stimulate the international mobility of poets and their creative works.